The Ultimate Cross-Reference Guide for HLC ColourAtlas XL-Cielab


In the realm of design and color theory, a precise understanding and representation of color are paramount. For designers, artists, and developers alike, has emerged as a revolutionary tool, acting as a bridge between the digital and the tangible world of the HLC ColourAtlas XL-Cielab. Here’s why you need to incorporate this tool into your workflow.

What is is an innovative online tool tailored for color space visualization. Using the HLC color space—a clear representation of the CIELAB color space—it streamlines the often daunting task of color space navigation.

Key Features

  1. Multiple Color Space Selection: Users can effortlessly select and juxtapose different color spaces, visualizing the shared colors among them.
  2. Instant Color Value Retrieval: A simple hover over a color provides its precise values in HLC, LAB, RGB, and CMYK. Plus, the clipboard-friendly feature ensures ease of data transfer.
  3. Web-Optimized sRGB Display: Designed with web developers in mind, the platform uses the sRGB color space. However, note that some colors might be clipped due to the constraints of the sRGB spectrum.

Delving into HLC ColourAtlas XL-Cielab

The HLC ColourAtlas XL-Cielab is your comprehensive guide, available both digitally and physically, embodying the intricate world of the CIELAB color space.

  • Detailed Layers: From the primary layer, mirroring GamutMap’s display, to advanced layers revealing color gamuts like sRGB and ISO Coated V2.
  • Precision-Driven: The Atlas is characterized by its pinpoint Lab color data, ensuring true-to-life color reproduction.
  • Format Diversity: Whether you lean towards the freely accessible PDF or the meticulously printed physical version, the Atlas caters to all preferences.

Synergy of and HLC ColourAtlas XL-Cielab

While the HLC ColourAtlas provides an extensive color library, augments its utility with real-time cross-referencing. The amalgamation of these resources ensures that transitioning between digital color visualization and physical color samples is seamless and accurate.

Applications in Real-World Scenarios

  1. Corporate Branding: Harmonize your brand colors across varied platforms.
  2. Web Development: Assure color consistency across devices by checking its compatibility across distinct color spaces.
  3. Printing Precision: Rely on the tandem of the HLC ColourAtlas and for impeccable print results.

Dive Deeper

For those interested in a practical demonstration, don’t miss out on this insightful video tutorial on YouTube, elucidating the application of


The fusion of and the HLC ColourAtlas XL-Cielab paves the way for unparalleled precision in color representation, a must-have in today’s design-centric world. By offering an integrative solution for color visualization and cross-referencing, they ensure that your projects always hit the right color notes.

Embrace the future of color navigation by exploring and witness the magic unfold!

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