Today we still live in a world of colours where many paint companies cook their own, strictly guarded soup. Façade paints do not speak to wall paints, wall paints do not speak to lacquer paints, lacquer paints do not to printing inks, printing inks do not to textile printing inks, and all of them do not speak to the computer as a central tool for painters, designers and creative artists. 
It is difficult for us as FreieFarbe e. V. to understand why hundreds of proprietary systems exist, especially with such a central topic as color and color communication, where colour systems cannot and do not want to communicate with each other and are kept away from transparent color models and open, free of charge standards.

We as FreieFarbe e. V. have the very simple vision that in the near future creative people, designers, color manufacturers, printers, product manufacturers and many more will be able to speak a common color language in a transparent, open and royalty-free way. We want the free HLC colours to be freely variable and usefully supplemented by means of precisely displaying software, and that the corresponding colour shades are available as varnish, on textiles, as powder coating, film, facade colour and much more, and can be ordered simply and directly. That every color, even in-between colors, will be available online, in the ink store, in the print shop, in the DIY store, etc. and can be printed on a printer at home and in the office. And if this should not be possible, for example, because the colour is out of gamut of the printing system, transparent and open communication about what is possible and feasible for all parties is easily possible. 
This is what we are committed to. 

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