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Artist Paints & Pigments

Pigment database

This page is an easily accessible reference of 426 artist brands, 28282 paints and other mediums with pigment information and 2575 hand painted swatches. You can also browse by companies or mediums. With a registered user you can maintain your own paint collection or palettes, or use it as a whish list.

DIN SPEC 16699:2019-04

Offene Farbkommunikation; Text Deutsch und Englisch

Englischer TitelOpen Colour Communication; Text in German and EnglishAusgabedatum2019-04

LCH Colour Picker

What is LCH? Made by Lea Verou with Mavo. Conversion logic by Chris LilleyCode on Github.


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Real Paint mixing tools PRO 4+

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– “HLC Color Atlas XL” is added to the available Color Names.

– Minimum iOS version is 11.0 (was 9.0) as enforced by the compiler.