Step 1: Using Just Color Picker

  1. Download and Install Just Color Picker: If you haven’t already, download the application from its official website and install it on your computer.
  2. Capture the Color: Open the application, hover the mouse over the area of the screen where the desired color is, and press the hotkey (by default, it’s Alt + X) to pick the color.
  3. Note the RGB or Hex Value: Once you’ve captured the color, the application will display various color values. Take note of the RGB or Hex value, as we’ll use it in the next step.

Step 2: Using the LCH Color Picker

  1. Visit the LCH Color Picker Tool: Go to
  2. Import the RGB or Hex Value: Enter the RGB or Hex value you got from the Just Color Picker into the provided space in the LCH Color Picker.
  3. Observe the LCH Values: The tool will automatically convert the RGB or Hex value into its corresponding LCH values. Take note of these LCH values (Lightness, Chroma, and Hue).

Step 3: Adjusting to HLC in the HLC Colour Atlas XL-Cielab PDF

  1. Open the HLC Colour Atlas XL-Cielab PDF: Ensure you have a PDF reader installed. Navigate to the specific page or section that represents HLC values.
  2. Match and Adjust Values:
    • Hue (H): Locate the corresponding Hue value from the LCH picker within the Atlas.
    • Lightness (L): Match the Lightness value.
    • Chroma (C): Locate the corresponding Chroma value.
  3. Fine-Tune the HLC Values: Depending on the granularity of the Atlas and the precise representation of colors, you might need to make minor adjustments. Use the LCH values as your starting point, and adjust as needed to achieve the closest match in the HLC Atlas.

Tips for Precision:

  1. PDF Display Settings: Ensure your PDF reader’s display settings are optimized for accurate color representation. Display brightness, contrast, and calibration can impact how colors appear on-screen.
  2. Visual Confirmation: Always trust your eye for the final check. If the color seems slightly off, make the necessary tweaks in the Atlas.

With this guide, digital artists and web designers can seamlessly match and transfer colors across different tools and references, ensuring consistent color representation across platforms.