What are the spectral data of the color atlas suitable for?

The spectral data correspond to the printed fields of the color atlas and can be read, processed and used directly by software solutions. Software solutions are softwares for the fast, precise and constant creation, storage, release and reuse of color formulations for offset, flexo, gravure and screen printing. Based on these spectral data, ink manufacturers can produce precise color formulations taking into account the substrate ink. This means that these data are not only suitable for the formulation of classic printing processes, but can also be used for varnish inks, screen printing, pad printing, textile printing and much more. 
Even if your print shop is located in a foreign country and does not have the free colour HLC colour atlas, it can download the colour atlas PDF, the CIELAB nominal/actual value table and the spectral data of all colour fields free of charge at any time and then – apart from the printed visual reference – has all the details you can only wish for in terms of colour formulation and colour rendering. As the data are available in German and English, the data is accepted worldwide.