The FreeColour HLC Colour Atlas uses the CIELAB color model and the clear systematics of HLC representation to describe colors digitally and device-independent. The colour atlas addresses professional users from design to production including the involved suppliers. Due to its open digital Creative Commons concept, the colour atlas is particularly suitable for cross-sectoral colour communications with the highest quality standards.
HLC Colour Atlas semimatt: colour atlas with 2040 colours, produced on an EPSON SureColor P9000V Spectro proofing system and GMG Colorproof software on a certified semi-matt proofing paper without optical brighteners (OBA). The production method ensures a very good match between the printed colour swatches and the ideal LAB reference and between different atlases/batches. Each colour atlas contains an individual quality protocol according to ISO 12647-7.

The HLC Color Atlas system consists of the following components: 

  • PDF master file with detailed explanations of the color atlas and color system as well as 9 PDF layers with a perfect visualization of different color spaces such as CIELAB, output color space of the printed HLC color atlas, ISOCoatedV2, PSOCoatedV3, PSOUncoatedV3, sRGB etc. 
  • Digital HLC-library for Adobe Photoshop and InDesign in .ase-format: The LAB colour library of the HLC colour atlas can be used directly in Adobe Creative Cloud applications. 
  • HLC Master Spectral Data: All spectral data of the printed HLC Colour Atlas in CxF3 format, compatible with current colour formulation systems. Creative Commons license allows the HLC spectral data to be integrated into your systems and referenced in communication with customers free of charge by color manufacturers and formulators. Spectral data is a key technology for high-quality digital color management of spot colors. The Creative Commons license allows ink manufacturers to generate HLC Dependent Standards to provide designers, prepress and producers with customized spectral data for specific printing processes, color series or types of substrates. Since the HLC Master spectral data was generated directly in the production of the HLC Colour Atlas, it is ensured that each HLC Colour Atlas automatically represents a physical sample of the HLC Master Spectral Data. 
  • Tabular HLC color field conversions in sRGB and CMYK ISOCoatedV2 in the versions “relative colorimetric” and “absolut colorimetric” via Adobe Photoshop”. 
  • Tabular measurement report of all colours of the current HLC colour atlas version with reference LAB, measured LAB and deviation in Delta-E-2000. The XLS file can be downloaded free of charge here.
  • Ring binder HLC colour atlas as printed master reference for colour matching, colour measurement and colour communication. DIN A4 ring binder with 25 pages of colour plates and explanations on 250gr/sqm GMG Premium Proofing Paper Semi-Mat and individual test report on the last page of each atlas. Only for the printed ring binder we charge a contribution towards expenses of EUR 99, – for the introductory price until 31.03.2018, then EUR 149, – plus VAT and shipping.

The HLC Color Atlas was developed by FreieFarbe e. V (freeColour). The non-profit FreieFarbe e. V. is an association of German and Swiss color professionals (available on the web at and is dedicated to color communication on the basis of open standards and free licenses (Creative Commons). Proof GmbH is a partner of FreieFarbe e. V. and is involved in the conception, development and the numerous series of prints and measurements of the HLC colour system and produces the printed colour atlas. The distribution of the printed HLC colour atlas is done for FreieFarbe e. V. via