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The following persons of FreieFarbe e. V. have contributed to this colour atlas:


For the support by software, inks and paper we thank the

freieFarbe (freeColour) e. V. is an association of German and Swiss colour professionals. Since 2016, FreieFarbe has been registered as a non-profit association under German law.

freeColour would like to give tips and hints on how to create a consistent colour in all areas of application and is based on open standards that have been integrated in the computer for a long time and want to show: the computer is an ideal tool for colour, it can make colour free!

freiFarbe e. V. does not pursue any commercial goals, but would like to promote colour communication and encourage the use of colour to:

  • make color calculable
  • make colour infinitely variable
  • make ink and colour systems comparable
  • simplify color communication
  • without licensing costs
  • give tips and best practices on cross-media color workflows
  • make the multiple mysteries of color understandable

In short: free colour from shackles! There are many good approaches for this. freieFarbe e. V. would like to initiate an open and constructive dialogue of the possibilities, everybody can participate in this.